Style File – Desert Chic

A style trend called Desert Chic has been gaining momentum over the past few months. Being an Arizona girl, I’m drawn to the simplicity and effortless casual style that this trend embodies.

Here’s a breakdown of the elements of the style:

Clean and un-cluttered– Crisp, white walls and dark wood accents are the first layer of this look. Some of my favorite white colors are Benjamin Moore- Simply White, Sherwin Williams- Snowbound, and Dunn Edwards- Swiss Coffee. This look is very simple and uncluttered. Take the time to edit and remove everything that doesn’t fit. Effortless style does require some effort in reducing the amount of “stuff” in our lives. Enlist the help of a friend or professional organizer to give you a hand.

Modern Aesthetic– Choose furnishings with clean lines and simple details. Sofas are in a solid neutral or leather. Details, such as nail heads and tufting, can be added for a traditional touch. Leather is an iconic southwestern material. For this modern look, choose a color that’s a light to mid tone brown versus dark brown.

desert chic seating

Bring in Color- A Southwestern rug or kilim rug with a geometric design is a good starting point. The floor covering adds a graphic punch and a layer of color that will be the starting point for your palette. Look to the hues in your rug for other accents in the room, like throw pillows, decorative accessories, or upholstered furniture. Art is another way to bring in color abstract art and nature inspired art or photography are good choices for this style.

desert chic colors

Wood and Textiles– Textured wood accents, either in furniture or wall pieces, should be layered into the room. There are lots of choices; from live edge wood tables, to a raw wood side table and drift wood wall art. This natural element recalls desert living. Adding tribal textiles with a mix of geometric patterns will give the space a well-traveled feel while adding color and texture. Think natural materials such as jute, cotton and wool. These against the simple white walls will pop and become focal points. 

Desert Plants– Finish the look with native desert plants. Mother in law tongue or cacti grouped in pots are good choices. These types of plants are drought resistant, which is a good thing if you forget to water them. A fiddle leaf fig is another easy care choice that looks great in the Desert Chic environment.

desert chic plants

This fun style can be infused into almost any environment in small amounts or all the way. Ready to dip your toe into Desert Chic style? Give us a call – we love to talk about all things design and are here to be your guide.

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