Remodeling 101 – The Shower

Creating a beautiful and functional shower is top of the list of most bathroom remodels. When it comes to a master bath, large showers with multiple shower heads, steam and beautiful tile work are the trend. Many times, a space is configured to allow for a larger shower, sometimes getting rid of the tub altogether in the master. No matter the size, or the budget, these are a few things to consider when creating a new shower in a bath remodel.

Determine the size you have to work with. Where’s the shower going? Are you using the same footprint as the old shower or creating a larger one? Sometimes a space can be reconfigured to accommodate a larger shower, either by moving the shower location or taking some adjacent space, from a closet or other area. Keep in mind that relocating the shower will add to the cost of the remodel project as it will involve moving the plumbing that’s below the foundation of the home.

What are the must have features in your new shower? The options are many. Some popular choices include a rain shower head, multiple shower heads, and a slide bar shower head that’s on a flexible hose, glass doors, no doors, and steam shower systems.

Think about the function of the shower; I often advise my clients to incorporate universal design features, such as curb less design, which allows ease of getting into and out of the shower. Other features include the width of the entry, design and placement of shower controls, seating and building in solid backing on the walls so grab bars can easily be added later. All of these choices are focused on making the shower beautiful and more functional for people of all ages and abilities.

What materials will be used? Natural stone or porcelain tile is a popular choice for materials. There are so many types and colors to choose from. Natural stone requires a little more upkeep than porcelain or ceramic tile. Keep in mind that anything with grout and glass doors also requires some daily and weekly maintenance for cleaning as well. A solid surface stone paneling product called ForzaStone is another option. It’s a newer product that combines the beauty of natural stone with the convenience of a solid panel. These panels are not thick like countertop material. They’re a thin-cut natural stone with an aluminum backing for strength and waterproofing. We’ve found that by combining the beauty of natural stone with the convenience of a solid slab, it eliminates the maintenance of grout and creates a high-end look previously only available with heavy stone slabs for the highest budget.

How will the shower be enclosed? Some showers can be designed with no door, others with just a glass partition and some with full glass doors. The trend now is to choose a frameless shower door either on a track or with a door.

Track Style shower door

Frameless Shower door with partition

Shower with no door

Shower Inspiration

shower remodel

A built-in shower bench is generally a custom-built box protected with waterproof membrane, backer board, and tile or other decorative surface. In this walk-in shower, the seat is situated on the back wall so bathers benefit from shower heads mounted at each end of the shower. The shower seat’s face is clad in extra-long subway tiles that highlight the black marble seat and complement patternedĀ floor tiles.

shower remodel

This modern shower design has moveable benches that can be removed if needed. This is a flexible option if you’re not sure about installing a permanent bench.

When planning the perfect shower in your next remodel, remember determine the size and layout, what type of enclosure and materials you will use and incorporate universal functional design where possible.

What are some of the must haves in your dream shower? Let us know in the comments below. Here’s to creating your beautiful life.

All the Best

~ Julie

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