American Style – Defining the American Spirit in your Home

I recently drove across country with my sister and her two dogs; a fun way to experience this great country of ours. I loved visiting antique shops in upstate New York and enjoyed all of the beautiful green trees and hills.

We really got a feel for a town by eating in local diners as we went. What better way to get a feel for life in a small town than to hear the conversations and see the real people living in a place? This experience inspired me to write about infusing our homes with American style.

What does this mean? Well, in different regions it can mean different things. If you love the Southwest vibe but are living in Vermont, you can still have a look that makes your heart sing even in a region that has never seen a cactus.

This country is a great melting pot founded on bold ideals and freedom. The look is defined by the influences that shape this great nation. From great cities to wide open spaces, American style reflects where we came from and where we are going.

The influence of architects, such as Frank Lloyd Wright, and others helped shape a look that reflected who we were at the time and gave us the freedom to explore other possibilities. Here’s a look at American style influenced by popular cities from east to west.

Cape Cod: Coastal style color schemes with painted or natural wood furniture. Rustic handmade feel and mixed patterns fit this style nicely.

San Francisco: Fantastic interior architectural details, high ceilings, lots of moldings, fireplaces, bay windows (originally designed to maximize the light in the narrow lots) of the Victorian painted ladies. Many homes emphasize these details with a refined and elegant style of décor.

Charleston: Big porches, hospitality and traditional touches are the hallmarks of southern style. Charleston is famous for its iconic porches. Who doesn’t love a relaxed welcoming front porch?

Chicago: This city with the origins of Prarie school style. It’s integration with the surrounding landscape, horizontal lines, flat or hipped roofs with broad eaves, windows assembled in horizontal bands, solid construction, craftsmanship, and restraint in the use of decoration.

Los Angeles: Laid back, clean lines with a touch of glam are key notes in this region. Mid Century modern and Hollywood Glam are what comes to mind. Bright colors, and metal accents make the space.

Santa Fe: The desert southwest lifestyle is casual and focused on outdoor living. This style uses natural materials and native patterns along with simple easy-care materials.

American style can have many looks. All are as unique, independent and bold as our founding fathers. No matter where you live, the style that reflects who you are and your lifestyle is the right one. Here’s to the American spirit!

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